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“If you don’t look after yourself, where are you going to live?”

Your health, mood and the way you feel yourself coping with stress are foundational aspects of your life.

Finding an integrated way through dietary change and the considerations in the ways you move through daily life, awareness practices and the timings of your routines can help alleviate negative cycles of body and mind. Freedom, ease and contentment can be prioritised for true quality of life – to be able to enjoy work, family and fun.

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Range combining single nutrients (vitamins, minerals, omega oils, amino acids and more), herbal formulas, organic superfoods, probiotics, dietary fibre blends, plant-based protein powders.

Meet Charlotte

I’m a Nutritional Therapist with over 20 years’ experience, Yoga Teacher with nearly 20 years’ practice and teaching since 2006. I won the CAM Award for Outstanding Practice in 2012. I am also author of books such as The De-Stress Effect, Good Mood Food and Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health. I have lectured for top UK nutritional colleges and write regularly for the national press.

I help people that I understand – those with busy lives and quick brains who often find it difficult to switch off. Modern life and our ‘fixing and doing’ drive can be rewarding and motivate us to succeed but often leave us showing symptoms of poor health and with little energy, space and time for recovery.

Rigorous scientific knowledge alongside an intuitive and realistic approach allows me to advise the best dietary and lifestyle changes to address your issues.

I decided to open this shop as another way to support my clients in living healthy lives.

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